What are Convection Heaters?

This is an electric heater. The convection process involves blowing air across a heating element. The air absorbs the heat and is then blown out to heat the air in a room. Thus, this is what you want for a small, chilly, enclosed office or a room that lacks sufficient heat.

Generally, an internal fan blows the air across the heating element inside the heater. The warmed air circulates into the room, raising the ambient temperature until the unit's thermostat senses its goal has been reached and shuts off the heating element. When the air temperature drops enough, the thermostat will trigger the unit to turn on again.

How do Convection Heaters work?

convection heater is a heater which operates by air convection currents circulating through the body of the appliance, and across its heating element. This heats up the air, causing it to increase in volume and so become buoyant and rise. Oil heaters are an example of this kind of heating appliance.

convection heater may have an electrical heater element, a hot water coil, or a steam coil. Because of the natural ventilation, they are quieter in operation than fan heaters.

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