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The Green Deal for Exeter Homes

Green Deal Assessments are now available to all property/business owners in Exeter.

You may be eligible for Green Deal finance of up to £10,000. Your local Exeter Green Deal Advisor will visit your home to assess the energy efficiency of your entire property, and to suggest and recommend improvements to your current installations which will save you money on your utility bills. Your Exeter Green Deal Provider can also recommend that your property is suitable for installation of upgrades like double-glazing and solar panels. Finance is paid back over a period of up to 25 years, and is taken from savings made on your electricity bills. The Green Deal assessment carried out by your local Green Deal Assessor who will rate the energy efficiency of your entire property, and will suggest and recommend improvements which will save you money on your utility bills every year.

Have a Exeter Green Deal Advisor visit you and you could gain access to up to £10,000 in energy home improvements. All you need to do to obtain your DECC Green Deal assessment is to book online, and be available at home in Exeter for a quick appointment. Your Green Deal provider will look at your current set up for heating and hot water, and identify any areas of your home that are not energy efficient. Improvements to windows and doors, insulation and the addition of solar panels are all home improvements that your Green Deal Assessor can recommend, and can help you to find a qualified Green Deal Installer in Exeter to carry out these upgrades with no upfront costs to you. When your new heating system, extra insulation or other energy efficient upgrades are installed, your Exeter Green Deal Advisor will apply for the costs of the installation under the Green Deal in Exeter. Instead of paying the installer, you will only need to make small affordable monthly payments to the Green Deal scheme through your new electricity bill, and the cost is spread over many years. This repayment will never be move than the savings on your bill, so you will be repaying while you save! Home owners in Exeter who wish to take advantage of the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) also need to have a Green Deal assessment before applying for the RHI to ensure that the property has the correct energy efficient measures in place. To arrange a visit from your Exeter Green Deal Assessor fill in our form on the right or Contact Us for more information on what the Green Deal can do for your home.

Don’t pay up front for your new boiler and heating system - book your Green Deal Assessment in Exeter today to secure your Green Deal Finance for a more energy efficient home and receive up to £10,000 of energy efficient home improvements.

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