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Green Deal Insulation with Green Deal Upgrade

Green Deal Upgrade currently do not have access to any grants or funding.

The Energy Company Obligation (ECO) has taken over from the existing grants from the end of 2012. It is a £1,400,000,000 (£1.4 billion) pot of money raised to help support a whole range of property owners.
From the poorest and most vulnerable, to those that own hard to treat properties, almost everyone can benefit from ECO and FREE Green Deal Insulation. 

What does this mean?

This means that if your house is a hard to treat property (solid wall construction, thin cavity wall) or you are on certain benefits, you will be able to have thousands of pounds worth of work carried out on your property completely FREE with Green Deal Upgrade! All you have to do is fill in our no obligation form on the top right to find out what you are entitled to through the ECO scheme.

Walls or windows for energy efficiency?

Traditional wall insulation is still the quickest and most cost effective way to improve your homes energy efficiency. 

Another major heat loss is through the roof which accounts for a quarter of overall energy loss. Your loft can also be insulated at a low cost. If you're in an eligible postcode, you can receive funding from the Energy Company Obligation of up to 100%.
Research suggests that more than a third of heat from a house is lost in an non insulated home through its walls.
More heat (15 per cent) is lost through the floor than through the windows, which only account for 10 per cent of heat loss.

What types of insulation are there?

There are various different types of Green Deal insulation available with Green Deal Upgrade. Here is a list of the Green Deal insulation currently being offered with Green Deal Upgrade:

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Call 0800 6891762 or fill in the form to the right for more info on ECO funding, and advice on what is best for you and your property.

* insulation is only free if it is fully funded, the green deal can be used to pay the remainder in most cases, please contact us for more details.tions

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Our insulation experts can fit FREE insulation under the new government ECO scheme.
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