Green Deal Loft Insulation

Loft insulation

Loft insulation stops the rising heat in your home escaping through your roof. If your loft is not insulated a quarter, 25%, of your heat loss is through your roof. This is caused by heat flowing to cooler spaces. Therefore, if you heat your bedroom the hot air will rise into the loft space above as it is cooler, thus making your heating system work harder. 

Loft insulation is a very easy, cost-effective way of reducing your heating bills and heat loss. The cost of the installation depends on whether you are having an insulation top up (you already have loft insulation but it is less than 270mm thick) or you don't have any insulation and you need some installed. You will make yearly savings of approximately £175 a year for a gas-heated home that previously had NO loft insulation. Loft insulation lasts for around 40 years so within several years you would save more than the insulation cost to install.

How loft insulation works

Loft insulation works by decreasing the flow of air from hot to cold through effective resistance to the flow of heat.  Insulation is rated by R-value, this means it is rated in terms of thermal resistance. The higher the R-value the greater the insulating effectiveness or resistance of your insulation.

Pros and cons of Green Deal loft insulation


  • Loft insulation is straight forward to fit and does not take long to be installed
  • Its great for insulating easy to assess spaces like the loft
  • Loft insulation lasts for at least 40 years so you will enjoy years of savings on your heating bills


  • Some types of loft insulation can irritate the skin if you touch it. However, Sheep’s wool is a more expensive option but is non-irritating

  • Existing damp or condensation problems in your loft need to be looked at by a professional before your loft insulation is installed or these problems could get worse.

  • If your property has a flat roof then the insulation needs to be installed by a professional installer because it may need to be insulated from above.

Is Green Deal loft insulation right for you?

  • Do you have any insulation in your loft at the moment? Go up into your loft to check if you have any insulation up there. 
  • Do you have access to your loft? Your loft hatch must be at least 400mm square to allow the loft insulation installer to gain access to your loft.
  • If you do have some loft insulation how thick is your insulation? Check its thickness, the recommended amount is 270mm (10' 3/4 inches) if its less than that you may want it topped up.

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