What are Night Store Heaters?

The Night storage heating systemcan be a good option for households who use electricity to heat their home. Most storage heaters are wall-mounted and look a bit like radiators. The advantage is that they can consume electricityat night – when it’s cheap – and then give out the heat many hours later.

They work best if the household is on an Economy 7 tariff. This is an arrangement with an energy supplier by which the electricity that a household uses at night is much cheaper than that used during the day – typically about a third of the price.

How do Night Storage Heaters work?

Night storage heaters are typically composed of clay bricks or other ceramic material, of concrete walls, or of water containers. This material serves as heat storage. There are electrical heating elements embedded in the material which can be switched on to heat the material and thus to store energy.

The stored heat is given off continuously (through thermal radiation and convection). To speed up the heat transfer, storage heaters are typically equipped with mechanical fans that can move air through the heater. The fans are usually controlled by a thermostat.

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