What is a Green Deal Assessment?

A Green Deal Assessment is the first step to getting a Green Deal Plan. During a Green Deal Assessment a Green Deal Assessor will produce some documents, these documents will include an Energy Performance Certificate and an Occupancy Assessment. See below about what these documents provide. To carry out the assessment, the assessor is required to access all rooms of the dwelling. An assessment can take around 2 hours for a standard sized home.

To make the assessment, the assessor may ask questions such as how many people live in the property, which energy efficient measures are already installed and whether your home is in a conservation area. 

If you have recently installed a renewable heating technology at your home, such as solar thermal panels, biomass heating or a ground source heat pump or air source heat pump, then you will be entitled to RHI funding. However, before you can apply, your home needs to undergo a Green Deal assessment for RHI qualification to assess your home's current energy efficiency. This is where your Green Deal assessor will advise you on whether you need to make any energy efficiency changes before you receive any RHI payments.

Energy Performance Certificate (EPC)

An Energy Performance Certificate(EPC) allows you to understand how energy efficient your home is. It is done by measuring the Carbon Dioxide(CO2) emissions and energy use. You will see a graphical representation of your rating, this rating will be from A to G. A being the most efficient and G being the least efficient.

Occupancy Assessment (OA)

The Occupancy Assessment looks at how the people living in your home use energy comparing to the typical household. During the Occupancy Assessment, you may be asked questions such as how many showers you take.


Q. Can an assessor cold call?
A. An assessor can knock on your door unsolicited but they must follow rules. The Which website has a great website to explain these rules.

Q. How long will an assessment on my property take?
A. It should take around 2-3 hours. This can vary depending on the houses size.

Q. What can I do after I receive my documents?
A. This is your choice. You can Contact us about your next steps.
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